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Privacy Policy

Data Protection

Whitby Group Practice has taken steps to ensure compliance with the new regulation so that your information is held securely and is available when your health care professionals need it in connection with your care and treatment.

What is our legal basis for processing your personal information?

Any personal information we hold about you is processed for the purposes of ‘provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health of social care systems and services under chapter 2, section 9 of the Data Protection Act 2018

Who do we share your personal information with and why?

We may need to share relevant personal information with other NHS organisations. For example, we may share your information for healthcare purposes with health authorities such as NHS England, Public Health England, other NHS trusts, general practitioners (GPs), ambulance services, primary care agencies, etc. We will also share information with other parts of the NHS and those contracted to provide services to the NHS in order to support your healthcare needs.

We may need to share information from your health records with other non-NHS organisations from which you are also receiving care, such as Social Services or private care homes. However, we will not disclose any health information to third parties without your explicit consent unless there are circumstances, such as when the health or safety of others is at risk or where current legislation permits or requires it.

How we maintain your records?

Your personal information is held in both paper and electronic forms for specified periods of time as set out in the NHS Records Management Code of Practice for Health and Social Care and National Archives Requirements.

We hold and process your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. In addition, everyone working for the NHS must comply with the Common Law Duty of Confidentiality and various national and professional standards and requirements.

What are your rights?

If we need to use your personal information for any reasons beyond the management of healthcare systems and service, we will discuss this with you and ask for your explicit consent.  You have the right to:

  • Request in writing access to the personal data we hold about you
  • Request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete information recorded in our health records, subject to certain safeguards
  • Refuse/withdraw consent to the sharing of your health records: we are authorised to process, i.e. share, your health records ‘for the management of healthcare systems and services’. Your consent will only be required if we intend to share your health records beyond these purposes, (e.g. research

A full copy of our privacy notice can be found here:  GP Privacy Notice Patient

Whitby Group Website

Site visitation tracking

Like most websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interaction. We use this data to determine the number of people using the site, to better understand how they find and use the web pages and to see their journey through the website.

Although GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies the user to us. GA also records the computer’s IP address which could be used to personally identify the user but Google do not grant us access to this. We consider Google to be a third party data processor.

GA makes use of cookies, details of which can be found on Google’s developer guides.

Disabling cookies in the internet browser will stop GA from tracking any part of the visit to pages within the websites.

Contact forms and email links

Personal data submitted via a contact form or email link is emailed to the Practice but is not held anywhere in Content Management System database or on the server that this website is hosted upon. As this website is protected by SSL (shown by the green padlock in the address bar), the form submission is encrypted using SHA-2, 256-bit cryptography before being sent across the internet. This data is simply used to identify the sender of the respective enquiry and to allow the Practice to reply to the sender if required.

How we store your personal information

None of the submitted personal information is stored on the websites server as of 20th May 2018.

About this website’s server

This website is provided by SurgeryWeb and hosted by TMZVPS within a UK data centre located in Maidstone.

Some of the data centre’s more notable security features are as follows:

  • Security: on-site officers, CCTV, key card controls
  • Pre-action fire suppression systems
  • 24-hour data center monitoring
  • 24-hour Operations Support Center
  • Diesel Generators

Full details of TMZVPS’s data centre can be found here.

All traffic (transferral of files) between our website and your browser is encrypted and delivered over HTTPS.

Our Third Party Data Processors

We use third parties to process personal data on our behalf. These third parties have been carefully chosen and all of them comply with the legislation set out in section 2.0. These third parties are based in the USA and are EU-U.S Privacy Shield compliant.

Data Breaches

We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.

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